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Monday, August 7, 2017


Well, hai, this is my 1st post i guess..xD
Nevermind, on this blog, as you can see, I'll post drawings, photos, makeup looks, in one word - art.
I am not a pro, just a 13 years old girl who loves art SO much, but I hope I will become a pro one day!
Currently, I am trying to sold some of my work to buy wacom tablet and Canon EOS 650d.
If you wonder, I am shooting with Canon Powershot A580.
Yeah, don't judge, I know... xD That's older than the Bible lol..
Here I will post new photos and drawings, but if you want to see my older work, click here.

Um, I think that's it for now, see you soon ~

Btw, one of the newest drawing I did.^^ This is just a sketch, but I'll finish it soon in Paint Tool SAI when i buy graphic tablet.

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